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Wednesday, March 07 2018

The Romans brought rainwater systems to Britain. The technology was subsequently lost, but was re-introduced by the Normans. The White Tower, at the Tower of London had external gutters.[19] In March 1240 the Keeper of the Works at the Tower of London was ordered by King Henry "to have the Great Tower whitened both inside and out". This was according to the fashion at the time. Later that year the king wrote to the Keeper, commanding that the White Tower's lead guttering should be extended with the effect that "the wall of the tower ... newly whitened, may be in no danger of perishing or falling outwards through the trickling of the rain".[20]

In Saxon times, the thanes erected buildings with large overhanging roofs to throw the water clear of the walls in the same way that occurs in thatched cottages. The cathedral builder used lead parapet gutters, with elaborate gargoyles for the same purpose. With the dissolution of the monasteries- those buildings were recycled and there was plenty of lead that could be used for secular building. The yeoman would use wooden gutters or lead lined wooden gutters. [19]


When The Crystal Palace was designed in 1851 by Joseph Paxton with its innovative ridge-and-furrow roof, the rafters that spanned the space between the roof girders of the glass roof also served as the gutters. The wooden Paxton gutters had a deep semi-circular channel to remove the rainwater and grooves at the side to handle the condensation. They were under trussed with an iron plate and had preformed notches for the glazing bars: they drained into a wooden box gutter that drained into and through structural cast iron columns.[21]

The industrial revolution introduced new methods of casting-iron and the railways brought a method of distributing the heavy cast-iron item to building sites. The relocation into the cities created a demand for housing that needed to be compact. Dryer houses controlled asthmabronchitisemphysema as well as pneumonia. In 1849 Joseph Bazalgette proposed a sewerage system for London, that prevented run-off being channelled into the Thames. By the 1870s all houses were constructed with cast iron gutters and down pipes.[19] The Victorian gutter was an ogee, 115mm in width, that was fitted directly to the fascia boards eliminating the need for brackets.[22] Square and half-round profiles were also available. For a brief period after the first world war asbestos-cement guttering became popular due to it being maintenance free: the disadvantages however ensured this was a short period: it was more bulky and fractured on impact [23]

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Sunday, January 08 2017
Prepare your home for storms!

Fix loose and/or leaking gutters and make sure downspouts carry drainage well away from the house. Protect the foundation of your home. Please call us 1-800-803-5404 if you have any questions.

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Friday, November 11 2016

If you’re getting new gutters, there’s a lot to consider. On top of the style, size, and color, you also have to decide on the gutter material. One of the most popular gutter materials is copper. Keep reading to find out all the benefits of having copper gutters in Florida!

3 Benefits of Copper Gutters in Florida

  1. Durability

Copper gutter systems are extremely long-lasting. Copper is naturally resistant to corrosion.  The durability of copper will likely outlast the life of your home. This type of gutter system can last up to 100 years if properly maintained.

  1. Low Maintenance

This type of gutter requires minimal maintenance. Copper gutters are very stable and rarely ever sag, dent, or need replacement. Copper prevents the growth of both algae and fungi, so the number of blockages in your gutter system is greatly reduced. Just make sure to get them installed by a licensed professional and cleaned every six months.

  1. Curb Appeal

Copper gutters enhance the aesthetic appeal of any property. Copper is a beautiful color that goes with a wide-range of natural materials including wood, clay, stone, and much more. Installing these visually pleasing gutters is an easy way to increase the value of your home.


If you’re interested in installing copper gutters in Florida, contact us! We use only the best products on the market and all of our copper gutters are manufactured onsite! Start reaping the benefits of copper gutters by connecting with the best gutter company in Florida today!

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Friday, November 11 2016

Gutters are an essential part of any home. They direct water away from your home’s windows, exterior walls, doors, and foundation. Gutters are only able to do this if they work. Most gutters will eventually need to be replaced in order to continue protecting your home. Look for these signs to determine if it's time to get new gutters in West Palm Beach!

3 Signs You Need New Gutters in West Palm Beach

1. Any Type of Crack

A small crack in gutters may not seem like a big deal. Don’t be fooled. Small cracks can turn into big ones very quickly. Keeping cracked gutters will only cause more damage, and not just to the gutters. Holes in gutter systems can cause damage to your home’s foundation and shingles.

 2. Peeling Paint or Rust

Gutter paint is made to withstand years of wear and tear. Peeling paint or rust is a sign that your gutters are in need of replacement. This also can mean that water is not being removed but is instead pooling in the gutter on a continuous basis. Whatever the reason, the presence of peeling paint, rust, or both means that it’s time for new gutters.

3. Pulling Away from the House

Gutters should never sag or pull away from your home. Sagging gutters indicate that they are full of water and pulling away due to the weight. This is one of the easiest signs that your gutters need to be replaced.

Don’t rely on a dysfunctional gutter system. If you need to replace your gutters in West Palm Beach, Crown Seamless Gutters can help! We provide the highest quality seamless gutters in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. We even offer a 20-year manufacture’s warranty against rust and chipping. Contact our Florida gutter company today!

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Friday, November 11 2016

When it comes time to purchase gutters for your Florida home, you’ll be faced with an important choice: sectional or seamless gutters. Do not pick carelessly. The decision of whether you install outdated sectional gutters or modern seamless gutters can make a huge difference.

The Difference Between Sectional and Seamless Gutters

The differences between these two gutter systems are important. Sectional gutters are made of sections and pieces that are strung together over the entire length of a roof. Instead of installing a gutter system made out of numerous pieces, seamless gutters are run out on site in one single piece to fit your home. The only joints in seamless gutters are around areas that connect corners.

Why Seamless Gutters in Florida are the Better Choice

While some people prefer sectional gutters because they are easier to install and less expensive, seamless gutters are by far, the better choice. Below are a few reasons to go seamless.

Less Clogging and Leakage. Gutters with joints are prone to debris accumulation that can clog and create leakage. This can ruin the entire gutter system. Meanwhile, seamless gutters are more firmly placed with a smoother finish. This leaves very little chance of experiencing dreaded clogging or leakage.

Fewer Repair and Maintenance Needs.  With less clogging and leakage, seamless gutters experience fewer repair issues. Some of the issues found in sectional gutters include pulling from the home, warping, and rusting.

Custom Fit Every Time. Unlike sectional gutters, seamless gutters are cut on the jobsite and made to fit your home perfectly. There are also a wide variety of materials and colors to suit your requirements and preferences.

Aesthetically Pleasing. Seamless gutters not only come in a range of colors to fit any home, but they also don’t require all the unsightly joints and fasteners that come with sectional gutters. Seamless gutters leave the property with a beautifully finished look.

If you want to protect your home with seamless gutters in Florida, call Crown Seamless Gutters! We provide properties throughout Florida with the highest quality gutter products and services. Get a free estimate online for any and all of your gutter needs today!

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Friday, November 11 2016

When you are imagining your dream home, not a lot of people picture what kind of rain gutters they would have on their home, or even imagine gutters at all! Although rain gutters do not get a lot of thought, gutters play an important part in the maintenance of your home! Read more to find out why you should have them and why your home could be at risk without gutters.

What are Rain Gutters?

For those who are new to home ownership and may not know a lot about these devices, rain gutters are a channel used to divert water. Usually, they are placed along the edges of your roof and collect the rain water during a storm or downpour. As the water runs down your roof, it falls into the gutter and is redirected through the downspout to some area on the ground. There is a large variety of materials used for rain gutters as well as several different styles depending on how you want them to look on your home and what kind of budget you are working with.

Why Do I Need Rain Gutters?

For most people, purchasing a home is one of the largest investments they will ever make. Installing rain gutters is one way to protect that investment from potential water damage. Without gutters during a storm, the water runs off of your roof and collects near the base of your home. When water collects at the base of your home, you run the risk of water damage to the structure of your home depending on what the material of your home is. Another issue that gutters prevent is water collection in an open patio. When it’s raining and the water is running off the roof into the patio, collecting near the walls and entrances of the home, this can cause issues.

Call Crown Seamless Gutters today for all of your gutter needs! We are a family owned business and have been serving Florida for over 35 years! For any questions regarding what type, how much or anything gutter related, you can visit Crown Seamless Gutters online or call us today!

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