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Thursday, November 14 2019
Rain Gutter Shopping 101: Which One is Right for My Home?

Recently, Tropical Storm Nestor left a trail of destruction in Florida—uprooted trees, overturned vehicles, and ripped off roofs. Unfortunately, the Sunshine State has a history of tornados, heavy rains, and storms.

Therefore, it’s important for homeowners to keep their homes protected. One of the ways to keep the foundation of your house protected is by installing a quality rain gutter. Here are some pointers on how to choose the right rain gutter for your home:

Material Considerations

Vinyl rain gutters

Vinyl rain gutters have become a common choice for homeowners due to their rust-resistance, low price, and easy installation process. The material is extremely lightweight and makes a great choice for rain gutters in milder climates.

However, it’s important that vinyl rain gutters are carefully installed; otherwise, homeowners might have to deal with sagging sections. Also, they can grow brittle and crack when exposed to extreme cold.

steel rain gutters

Steel rain gutters

Steel gutters are available in many varieties. Galvanized steel rain gutters are by far the most popular, as they are very sturdy and economical. They also don’t get easily damaged by external impacts such as falling branches and ladders.

While galvanized steel offers resistance to rust, it does succumb to rust after a few years. That being said, homeowners can avoid their steel rain gutter from rusting by carrying out regular maintenance.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are highly durable, rust-proof, and last for more than 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Moreover, aluminum’s lightweight nature makes the rain gutter installation process extremely simple. Also, aluminum rain gutters are weather-resistant and can withstand extremely cold climates.  

With so many benefits, it’s understandable why many rain gutter service provider prefers aluminum home gutters over other materials.

sectional or seamless gutters?

Sectional or Seamless: Which option is better?

Most rain gutter materials are only available in sections, which means that they come in separate parts and are fastened together during the installation process. However, aluminum rain gutters come in seamless varieties, i.e., a single long sheet.

Seamless rain gutters provide better value and have a longer life, as most wear and tear and damage occur at the joints and seams of a rain gutter. Investing a little extra money in seamless gutters can help you save on repair and replacement costs in the long-run.


At Crown Seamless Gutters, our team of licensed and insured professionals offers high-quality gutter installation services in Martin County, Palm Beach County, and the surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients.

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