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Wednesday, December 04 2019
Surviving The Winter: Can Your Gutter Make It Through The Winter?

Cleaning out gutters and regular maintenance doesn’t sound like a dream chore but we all have to do it. It's important to ensure the efficiency of all elements—plumbing, electricity, attic, etc.—around the house to keep everything functional and working to its maximum capacity.

Gutter maintenance is one of the key aspects of an efficient house. It can save you hours in lost productivity or time spent dealing with dire consequences such as smell, erosion, mold, cracks in walls and so much more. Not to mention the serious dent in your budget spent on recovery and the repair process.

Gutters malfunction for a variety of reasons; however, in this blog, we’ll mainly talk about the problems they face during winters and what preventive measures must be taken to ensure maximum functionality.

Winters and Gutters: What to Expect?

Think of all the debris, leaves, sand and mud accumulating in and around your gutter. Even the smallest thing can cause a clogging issue, which will only get worse when the temperatures hit the freezing point. Now, due to a lack of cleaning not only do you have already collected debris creating a choke but all of it is going to be frozen in place, blocking the whole drain system.

Soon, you’ll be left with garbage and debris collecting everywhere on your roof and outside the house, coupled with cracked roofs. To prevent this from happening, here’s what you need to do.

  • Clear the debris, as soon as it accrues
  • Observe the area around the gutter for leaks and inspect the anchors
  • Your gutter will face wear and tear at some point, so if it’s an old gutter, be on the lookout for structural damage and hindered water flow
  • Make sure that water isn’t flowing towards the house and pooling there. Your downspouts should direct the water away from the foundation of the house
  • Make sure that clogging in downspouts isn’t causing the water to freeze up and create drainage problems.winter

If you take these steps, you can prevent gutter damage this winter.

If you’re struggling with keeping your gutters functional and working this winter, talk to us. At, Crown Seamless Gutters, we’re committed to helping you maintain seamless gutters throughout the year. Our company is verified and meets all BBB Accreditation Standards.

We serve clients in Boca Raton, Stuart, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding locations of South Florida. Our services include gutter, custom seamless box gutters, custom miters, and rain chain installations.

Find out more about our services here!

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